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The Research Liaison Office at Stockholm University invites junior researchers to a series of seminars on how to write research applications. This might to of interest both to PhD students and to other junior researchers. You can now sign up for the first two seminars (see information below). More seminars will follow early 2016. Read more
Susanna Elfving Blomster
  Tack alla ni som kom på vårt kick off-firande i café Prego Studenthuset i tisdags och tusen tack för alla fina förslag på miljöförbättringar! Det blev verkligen en kanonstart på Stockholm Earth Week. Vill även skicka ett speciellt tack till Christian Gradholt (fotograf) som ville visa sina vackra bilder, de sitter uppe hela veckan så passa på att gå dit innan det är försent. Read more
Is your research being discussed and shared online? Have you been cited by policy makers or publicly recommended by experts in your discipline? Stockholm University Library has invited Altmetric to present their services for researchers in order to measure what interest there is from researchers at the university. Read more
Helen Eyice
Kårfrullen är egentligen inget nytt men upplägget ser annorlunda ut jämfört med förra terminen. Istället för att låta er komma till oss i vår kårsal har vi valt att komma till er, nu håller vi alltså till i kårfiket Café Prego som ligger i Studenthuset. Read more
Susanna Elfving Blomster
Välkommen till hösten 2015! Så glad över att få jobba som samordnare för studiemiljö här på kåren. Jag har bara jobbat i cirka tre veckor men hösten är redan fullspäckad av spännande projekt. Här är lite av det som jag kommer att jobba med under hösten: Stockholm Earth Week 22-25 september runt om campus. Read more
Maria Österlund
As a student in Stockholm you are lucky. When the weather is rainy and the days are short, one of the largest academic celebrations takes place in Stockholm. During a week in the middle of December every year the celebration of Alfred Nobel and the Nobel prize Laureates takes place. Read more
Tuovi Taipale
Congratulations, you have survived the dark, gloomy and cold months of the Swedish winter! Unfortunately Swedes are not good at dealing with the cold either, we actually dislike it just as much, as you may have noticed. That is why there is always something special about summer. Read more
Jingtian Chen
If the title “entrepreneur” sounds appealing to you, why not think of starting your own business and being your own boss? Sweden is a country with a good reputation for its open and innovative business environment when it comes to starting a business. Read more
Srijan Kanoi
It is during this time that I want to recall the words ‘ice’ and ‘spice’ which permeate beyond their pedestrian meaning for me. These simple words are embodiments of my experience in Stockholm as an exchange student. Spice has a dualistic representation of the hot and tropical country where I study, Singapore, and India, the land of spices, where I was born and brought up. Read more
Romain Mougenot
However, living in such place involves many sacrifices and rules that one should know beforehand. Here are some advices based on my personal experience. Corridor rooms are a place in between room sharing and a single accommodation. It is a place where you can meet your neighbours in a pyjama, and that means a lot. In this strange world, the common kitchen is of course the most important place. Read more
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