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Thanasis Tektonidis
I know there are lots of other international students, free-movers, Erasmus or master people that are kind in the same strange position, whether to stay here and build a new life or go back home with plenty of  once-in-a-lifetime memories. Read more
Ioana-Nicoleta Gaurean
This is a question that popped up every time me and my Glasgow flat mates felt confused or home sick. Indeed, what was a bunch of teenagers thinking when they decided to leave behind their lives and families and move in a foreign country to continue their studies? Well, we were not thinking too much. We went with the flow. Read more
Lucian Gaianu
You see, I’m not the type of person who enjoys snow that much. I like it during Christmas day because it has its charm, but that’s pretty much it. You might wonder why I came to Sweden then, but that’s another story. I still keep my belief that Sweden, and Stockholm more specifically, is much lovelier during summer. Read more
Anca Buhai
And what can be better than a fancy end-of-the-year party? Nice dresses, high heels, bow ties and masks! Yes, you got it well: M-A-S-K-S! So, here it come the long title of the party which includes theme, dress code and atmosphere. Ready? Aristocrat Cocktail Mask Party. Finger food, sweet treats and cocktails will be served during the night and great music will be played. Read more
Yumi Kaneko
Your everyday commuting to the university by metro tells you that Stockholm Metro stations are the world’s longest art exhibitions. Which would be your favorite station? My answer is definitely Thorildsplan on the Green line toward the West from T-Centralen! As you can see from the picture, the station has tiled walls with lots of funny iconic characters and computer symbols. Read more
Maya Jönsson
First of all, don’t be intimidated by rumors claiming that all employers only hire people fluent in Swedish. It is true in some, but far from all, cases. Being able to communicate in Swedish is an advantage - however, making and using good contacts might take you even further. Read more
Alina Semiletova
It all usually starts in a bar or at a common friend’s party. You see each other, he approaches you and asks if he can buy you a drink and you start a nice and easy going conversation… STOP! Once again, this post is about dating a Swedish guy. A Swede in Sweden. Hmmm… I’m pretty sure that you won’t experience a drink-buying approach here. Read more
Anna Takman
Every year all students who are members of the Student Union gets to vote on who they want to see in the representative assembly the coming year, and of course this goes for international students as well! This year the elections will be held 5 – 9 May. In the Student Union elections at Stockholm University we use a party system that is partly similar to a Swedish national election. Read more
Anna Takman
The Student Union is first and foremost a democratic organization that represents the students at Stockholm University. The Union influences decision making at the university, gives advice to students in need and supports student governance. It is us who work at the Student Union office that perform much of this work, but there is another part of the union that might not be as visible to you. Read more
Michael Cullum
Why not just stay in your home country with your friends, family, and home comforts? What’s the point in abandoning everything you know and venturing out to another country where everything is alien to you? In the spirit of a fair and balanced argument, it’s important to think of both sides. So in the interest of ending on a high note, let’s start with the bad. Read more
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