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Luiza Moreira
If you are coming to Stockholm in the autumn semester, you can also volunteer at the Stockholm International Film Festival.   I didn’t know before coming to Stockholm that the city has in fact a big variety of film festivals. Ranging from Korean film festivals to outdoor screenings in the summer, there is definitely something out there for anyone. Read more
Yuka Hayashi
Saint Lucia is “Lady light for the darkest night”. This celebration was hold at a cozy hall. They firstly served us typical Swedish Christmas foods such as rice porridge, open sandwiches and ginger breads. When the time came, Lucia and other characters showed up with candle lights and beautiful singing voices. They sung Christmas and Lucia songs on the stage. The performance was very visionary. Read more
Meng Wang
Luckily getting the opportunity to start a journey from Stockholm to Copenhagen with Scanbalt, I had a wonderful experience of viewing another lovely Nordic city, tasting authentic Danish cookies and participating in fabulous local activities. If you are considering to go to Copenhagen from Stockholm, there are some tips you can take into consideration. Read more
Tess op den Kelder
The largest city all the way north is Luleå. It is a very small city in comparison to Stockholm, and although it is not located in Lapland but in Norrbotten, it is the perfect place to start your adventure to Lapland!   How to get there? Of course, the first question is, how to get there? Read more
Tove Kool Hedmark
The ball consists of mingle, a three course dinner and dance. It is a chance for students to mingle with Nobel laureates, the principal and alumni.   As the name says the ball is held on December the 13th, on Lucia, every year at 17.44 o’clock. The price this year is 650 SEK for members of Stockholm University Student Union and 800 SEK for non-members. Read more
Marte de Vries
Luckily for us exchange students, this is not Stockholm’s first dark winter. The city is accustomed to these dark times. Stockholmians have found ways to get through the absence of sunlight without killing themselves off in massive numbers. But: how to survive these Dark Ages like the Swedes do and survive until spring? Here are some tips and tricks. Read more
Tove Kool Hedmark
As you might already know the Lucia ball is fast approaching. This is certainly an evening to look forward to and dream about, but for some people uneasiness about dusty dancing skills can pop up. Is it a three-time or a four-time beat in waltz and how many small steps do you take in foxtrot? Don’t you worry! Read more
Christina Illmayr
Being an ambassador at that time, I participated in the creating of many different, fun and sometimes also very craving events. One of them happens to be the International Food Fair which we brought into life the first time in fall 2012. Read more
Guillaume Noblet
Here, everything’s verdant. We can look toward one side and see apartment buildings and then toward the other side and see a lake bordered with a forest. The city gladdens the Sunday walker, the experienced rambler and also cyclists: there are so much cycle tracks in town and in countryside lit at night. Read more
Julia Välimäki
Aifur Restaurant & Bar is named after a legendary Viking ship, and the concept of the restaurant is a result of over a decade’s research about the life, food and culture of the Swedish Vikings from the years 700-1100. Patrons are seated in long tables and encouraged to socialize with other diners. Read more
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