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Pelin Demirörs
Stage 1: The Heartbreak It all started when I got out of an abusive relationship with my old phone. It never listened to me, always ignored me, and just did what it wanted. It didn’t fulfill all of my needs. It was like being in a relationship with a brick wall, so I had to end it. Read more
Charlotte Wöhlecke
A re-election can, as the name imply, only occur if an election has declared invalid (in other words exactly what happened a couple of months ago. Due to the invalidation, the Student Union Council got their mandate extended until a new council has constituted which will occur earliest in the end of October this fall. Read more
Alex Mantidakis
Lately I ve watched this video on YouTube and I got really emotional about it! The video shows a dog trying to rescue some fish that are on the concrete outside of the sea, by throwing water to them with its nose. That reminded me of the pure soul that animals and kids have and the reason why we love them so much! Read more
Anna Wallgren
Information in English will follow!   Gå med studentrörelsen i Pride-paradenTillsammans för en öppen högskola!  I år kommer vi att promenera i paraden - inget flak alltså. På så vis finns det plats för fler! Ta gärna med en studentmössa, som du kan dekorera med regnbågsband. Vi fixar band! Samling vid Mariatorget kl. 12:30 och paraden börjar kl. 13:00. Vår nummer i paraden är 117. Read more
Anna Takman
First there are some golden rules to remember: Never pay any rent or deposit for an apartment or a room before you have seen it and signed the contract.Become a member of the Student Union and put your name on the SSSB waiting list for student housing as early as possible. Read more
Sandy Zhong
But I think that some of you might have already started to pack your things, might be thinking about what kind of presents you are going to buy and give them to your beloved families and friends when you are back home. Some of you might even start to look back on your life in this beautiful city. How was my life in Sweden at the beginning? Read more
Love Hansell
I know that the semester is coming to a close; some of you may be looking forward to your journey home where you will be able to recount the great and strange things you experienced in the land of moose and fika; but some of you won’t, you are still hanging around for the summer or EVEN staying longer in this region of the globe. Read more
Dayna Knotova
The international division at the Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) is charged with representing student interests within the university, providing social activities and events to promote Swedish culture, and allowing students the opportunity to become active within the university in order to influence the course of their education. Read more
Robert Christensen
When I look back over the course of the year one topic that I return to again and again is music. I know that this was a mild winter by Swedish standards, but it was still dark, cold, and grey for me. I have found that listening to old, familiar music and discovering new music continues to refresh my spirit. Read more
Jie Zhang
Yes, winter is over and spring is finally here. Swedes have their own tradition to appreciate the improving weather and celebrate spring. Don’t miss the yearly bonfire gatherings or Valborgsmässoafton (Walpurgis Night in English) on April 30th! The Valborg tradition could be traced back to the Viking fertility celebrations. Read more
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