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Kim Klesen
So, you are here in Stockholm having a lot of parties, studies and have barely any time to cook at all. Your purse is begging for mercy due to your perhaps new lifestyle. So, what to do? You might ask your corridor mates to cook for you or take responsibility of your own life and become a chef.  Let us assume you choose option 2. Read more
Alina Semiletova
There are only two weeks left till the Epic Halloween Party by SUS and ESN SU and you have no costume ready? Below there are some suggestions where to go for inspiration. Keep in mind that some of these places have stores all around Stockholm where you can go and see how all those products look in reality as well as you could get assistance in English. Read more
Anna Börjesson
      Akademibokhandeln Mäster Samuelsgatan 28 Probably the biggest chain of bookstores in Sweden, Akademibokhandeln has plenty of stores around town including one on campus Frescati where you can find a lot of course literature. Read more
Lucija Borko
As I was getting ready for my escapade, I went through almost every blog post, article and any other form of self-publishing there is. While some of the texts noted some pretty decent advice, it was almost exclusively the same old listing of things you usually need even if going to your local lake for a two-day camping trip. Read more
Zachary Anstey
When I first arrived, I was really surprised by just how similar the countries actually are. Both countries have an amazing natural beauty, clean air and water, a passion for hockey and really, really long winters. Read more
The course teaches practical advice about stress management and relaxation techniques. This is the first time the very popular and useful course is given in English. The course includes advice on sleep, relaxation, recovery behaviours, prioritizing, procrastination and assertive communication, as well as discussions about the work environment for PhD students. Read more
Muhammad Ahsan Hassan
This is the feeling that I got when I started my business program at Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University. During my Bachelor I used to tell fellow students that I am planning to go abroad for my Master but most of them took it as a joke. Read more
Anna Takman
On September 22 we launched our membership campaign at Frescatihallen. As a student union member you get to work out to even better prices than the ordinary student price. Just buy your card before October 15. For instance you get group training and spinning for only 550 SEK instead of 820 SEK. It is expensive to live in Stockholm; at the Student Union we are painfully aware of this fact. Read more
Pelin Demirörs
Stage 1: The Heartbreak It all started when I got out of an abusive relationship with my old phone. It never listened to me, always ignored me, and just did what it wanted. It didn’t fulfill all of my needs. It was like being in a relationship with a brick wall, so I had to end it. Read more
Charlotte Wöhlecke
A re-election can, as the name imply, only occur if an election has declared invalid (in other words exactly what happened a couple of months ago. Due to the invalidation, the Student Union Council got their mandate extended until a new council has constituted which will occur earliest in the end of October this fall. Read more
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