Have a great summer!

Membership for fall term 2015 will open in the end of the summer.


Tuovi Taipale
Congratulations, you have survived the dark, gloomy and cold months of the Swedish winter! Unfortunately Swedes are not good at dealing with the cold either, we actually dislike it just as much, as you may have noticed. That is why there is always something special about summer. Read more
Jingtian Chen
If the title “entrepreneur” sounds appealing to you, why not think of starting your own business and being your own boss? Sweden is a country with a good reputation for its open and innovative business environment when it comes to starting a business. Read more
Srijan Kanoi
It is during this time that I want to recall the words ‘ice’ and ‘spice’ which permeate beyond their pedestrian meaning for me. These simple words are embodiments of my experience in Stockholm as an exchange student. Spice has a dualistic representation of the hot and tropical country where I study, Singapore, and India, the land of spices, where I was born and brought up. Read more
Romain Mougenot
However, living in such place involves many sacrifices and rules that one should know beforehand. Here are some advices based on my personal experience. Corridor rooms are a place in between room sharing and a single accommodation. It is a place where you can meet your neighbours in a pyjama, and that means a lot. In this strange world, the common kitchen is of course the most important place. Read more
Wenjing Li
As the daytime is getting longer and longer, the sunshine is giving color and energy to all, and the cherry blossoms are spreading along the green grasslands against the blue sky. You must feel like you want to do more sports to answer nature’s call. This is exactly what I am going to talk about! Besides cycling, running and hiking, what you can do in Stockholm is orienteering! Read more
Vladimir Djokanovic
An advantage of road trips is the fact that you are free to move and travel as you wish, without limitations.  The landscapes, little towns, lakes and sights are stunning, especially in Sweden, and the best way to check them out is with a good company and a well maneuvering car. Read more
Anna Börjesson
Valborg or Walpurgis as it is called in English is celebrated on the last day of April every year in many northern countries. As many weird traditions tend to have, Valborg has a slightly diffuse backstory. Originally the real reason we celebrate it has something to do with saints or witches but ask any Swede and you’ll probably get the answer that Valborg celebrates the beginning of spring. Read more
Aleksandra Oletic
I belong to the lucky group of students who got to participate in many class discussions on countless topics over the course of their education. Read more
Brandy White
Before I left Texas, I made contact with a Swedish Family who lives outside of Stockholm. I arranged to stay with the family till I could find housing since housing was not available at the University. About a week before I left Texas, I received good news, I was offered housing by Stockholm University. However, I still needed a place to stay till the room was ready to move in. Read more
Maria Stavroula Yannakea
If you have been studying since September, whether that has been in Stockholm or elsewhere, then I naturally assume your eyes are now squares equal to your computer screens and that you have forgotten what three dimensional things look like. At least, that pretty much encapsulates my reality right now. Read more
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