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Ilaria Greco
Since I come from south Italy, I´m used to living with the sun (we do have something like 300 sunny days per year!) and it's part of my everyday life, my culture and my heritage, too. What surprised me was to understand how I used to take the good weather for granted and I've never ever appreciated a sunny day in my whole life as much as I'm doing now, during my stay in Sweden. Read more
Roger Salvatori
After few days of Swede-watching, I got it: the clothes. That was the matter. It looked like all the Swedish people bought their attire in the same shop, which can easily be, due to the prodigious number of H&M spread around Stockholm. Apparently, they love wearing black garments. But why? Certainly, black is easy to match with everything, and draws a nice silhouette on you. Read more
Sara García Pérez
Since I was little I wanted to have a hot air balloon and travel around the world. Now that I have grown up (a bit) I’ve learnt that getting a hot air balloon might be difficult, but travelling not. You can travel anywhere you want without being rich, just with a positive attitude and willingness to explore and learn. Read more
Luiza Moreira
Scandinavia has truly so much to offer and I don’t blame you for wanting to explore it as much as you can, but there are other trips off the beaten path you can make that may turn out being just as fun, such as going to one of the Baltic states. Read more
Monika Lionaite
How can you do that, you might wonder? It’s obvious! You just need to become a member of a student organization at first. And whenever you feel like you want a challenging activity, become an active member of the association.  At least that’s the key to breath-taking experience I arranged to myself. Read more
Meng Wang
The length of Easter holiday depends on the department you belong to and which courses are chosen. Normally, there are 3 to 5 days of holiday. Fortunately, I had 7 days in which I had decided to explore a new area-Germany. There were a lot of famous cities where I was eager to visit. However, since the duration of holiday, I had to make a clear plan. Read more
Tess op den Kelder
Since I'm Dutch, cycling comes natural to me (I even brought my own bike here from The Netherlands). Cycling is good for you, good for the environment and good for your wallet; it is cheaper than public transport. But, since not everyone is as used to cycling as I am, here are some do's and don'ts.   Where to get a bike? Read more
Matilda Kjellqvist Videla
Among the continuous work for the international unit is to offer the international students of Stockholm University different activities and events.  However we do not do this all by ourselves but are being helped by student representatives, ambassadors that are chosen in the beginning of every semester. The ambees are an essential part of our activity planning. Read more
Christina Illmayr
The long travel was definitely worth it – first of all it is very interesting to get out of the populated areas of Sweden and experience lower settlement density through firsthand experience. We made enough stops on the way and crossing the Arctic Circle is a moment I will not forget. Having arrived in Kiruna, we started our first adventure – dogsledding. Read more
Luiza Moreira
If you are coming to Stockholm in the autumn semester, you can also volunteer at the Stockholm International Film Festival.   I didn’t know before coming to Stockholm that the city has in fact a big variety of film festivals. Ranging from Korean film festivals to outdoor screenings in the summer, there is definitely something out there for anyone. Read more
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