Spring term!

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Vladimir Djokanovic
It goes without saying that moving to a new country can be quite stressful. Finding your own flat, starting your studies and getting used to a new culture isn’t easy, but believe me when I say that friends make it all worth it. Friends help you get through everything. When I came to Stockholm from Helsinki four months ago, I neither had a place to stay nor knew anyone beforehand. Read more
Marina Vowinke
1. Wonk The Wonk is located at Kungsgatan 15. I would describe the location more as small. They have partys on Wednesday (free), Friday and Saturday. The admission is between 140 and 160 SEK. And they have always one professional Drag Queen. Really impressive! Read more
Fryderyk Płuciennik
I need to say that I already had some experience of Sweden before. I have been here a few times, but always as a tourist and no longer than for one week. Now just starting my “real life” I must say that the experience differs so much in comparison to the life I had before. First of all, in Stockholm there are much less people on the streets than in my home city Warsaw. Read more
Hugo Neter-Castaño
In a new environment different from the one in your home country it is very easy to feel isolated and depressed, this is especially the case if you don´t travel with fellow students from your country. The best thing to do is to get out there and interact with the students, whether they are local or international, interacting with other students will enrich your student life considerably. Read more
Linda Lindström
    Hello everybody! Earlier in the semester, I wrote a post about the lack of places to study at the university campus, and compiled a list of existing study places on campus Frescati and elsewhere connected to the university! Read more
One of my main tasks as PhD Student Ombudsman is to help individual PhD students – including foreign PhD students – running into different types of problems with Swedish authorities related to their PhD studies and, in case of foreign PhD students, also other problems concerning their stay in Sweden. Read more
Daniele Crimella
Supermarkets and the main shopping streets are also already all geared up for the big season! Now probably we only have to wait for the snow, which will just be like the cherry on top! As you may have seen, Sweden as a lot to offer to Christmas time lovers from Christmas markets, songs and traditional events like Lucia to special Christmas food! Read more
Clovely Wang
Three months past, I am not the Clovely who I used to be anymore. Before, I was intimidated, so afraid to embrace new things and did not even have the guts to travel by myself. Now I feel so confident, so independent, and it all feels like there is nothing I cannot do! Thanks to Stockholm, thanks to my exchange year, thank you, SUS. Read more
Anna Takman
At the Student Health Unit you get to meet both nurses and psychologists. Always free of charge for students. Book a meeting by calling or going to one of their walk-in receptions in Studentpalatset at Norrtullsgatan 2 or Studenthuset at Stockholm University. Read more
Galia Mukhtarova
When I travel, I always try to escape from the “Must-Go-And-See” list for a bit and see what the reality is in the new place. I am keen on what people really do there, what their daily routines are; how their office break looks like and how fast they drink their coffee. Read more
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