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Roger Salvatori
Apparently, hugging someone is part of the daily life here. At first I was pretty confused even though I come from a place where it is a custom to double kiss on cheeks. To be honest, I did not expect anything like this from people who really like having personal space and maintaining a certain body distance, and at first I looked at this habit with skepticism. Read more
Daniele Crimella
As soon as sun appears, people flock out on the streets, in the parks or in the beautiful islands of the archipelago to enjoy time outdoor after being closed in their houses for all this time. Time is high, therefore, for us students as well to start heading out to explore the city, but not only, because Sweden is so much more than Stockholm! Read more
Anna Börjesson
Stockholmers love coffee shops and as soon as the sun is out, you’ll see them sitting on the coffeeshop's terraces, wrapped in blankets and looking very pleased. In Sweden, you’ll find different types of cafés, ranging from your ordinary coffee shop to hipster places with a wide assortment of special coffee. There is also the “konditori”; equivalent to the French's Pâtisserie. Read more
Insa Schimmelpfennig
If you have not heard of Tinder, here is a little explanation for the ones living under a rock: Tinder is a dating app that is being used by mostly young people. It is about choosing men or women based on their attractiveness in order to find some dates or as some people say: ‘Just for fun’. Read more
Erika Samuelsson
Last Wednesday the Student Union invited students to listen to two seminars, one in Swedish and one in English, on student rights. The Student Ombudsmen talked about some of the most important student rights, and gave our best tips based on our experience working with these issues. Read more
Alex Mantidakis
It has been almost 5 months of darkness and cold in Sweden and since last weekend the sun starts shining back again and the flowers started blooming and people start being happy and smiling!Don't get me wrong, I love Sweden but I can't stand the winter months where you can barely wake up in the morning from the bed and go to work or to school and at around 15.00 o'clock you feel like it's 22.00 at Read more
Anna Börjesson
Swedish students throw this word around but are never very good at explaining what they are actually talking about. To help you on your path of understanding Swedish student traditions; here is an explanation of the biggest of them all; the sittning. So, to clear up any misunderstandings, a sittning simply means a formal dinner following student traditions. Read more
Wei Wei
Having been studying in Sweden for almost five years, for both Bachelor and Master, I am about to graduate this summer and start my career life! This makes me excited, however, a little bit sentimental. These days, I start to review my college life and keep thinking and asking myself what Sweden has changed in me the most. Read more
On March 10 Forskningsservice at Stockholm University invites to an information day on funding opportunities for incoming and outgoing post doc researchers – “Becoming a ‘post doc’ or hosting a ‘Fellow’” –with information about funding from VINNOVA, Forte, Formas and the Swedish Research Council  (Vetenskapsrådet). Sign up here. Read more
Nouseibah Elobeid
The fourth of March is Student Rights Day at Stockholm University. A day dedicated to inform about issues that can be important for students to be aware of during their study period. One of the subjects that will be covered is student rights. At 3:00 p.m. you are welcome to auditorium B5 to hear about your rights as a student at Stockholm University. Read more
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