Student union coffee/tea 8 SEK

Kårbrygg - student discount on coffee and tea

As a member of Stockholm University Student Union you get a discount when you buy a small coffee or tea at Högskolerestaurangers cafés at the Stockholm University campus and Studentpalatset. Instead of 16 or 17 SEK you pay only 8 SEK.  The discount is valid from 16th of January until 15th of June 2017.

Show your Campuscard

In order to get the discount you have to show your pink Campuscard and thus prove that you are a member of the student union. Not a member already? No worries - sign up at our website.

Find your closest café

You can buy "Kårbrygg" at the following Högskolerestauranger cafés:

• Kaffebaren i F-huset, Campus Frescati
• Prego D-huset, Arrhenius, och Studenthuset,
Campus Frescati
• Matbutiken, C-huset, Campus Frescati
• Segoi, Allhuset, Campus Frescati
• Prego, Campus Kräftriket
• Prego, Studentpalatset
• Prego Sveaplan (Socialhögskolan)