An ode to Mr. Erasmus

I love different cultures and to build bridges between people. This is what my job is all about and I am sure that I will work with this in the future as well. Last year I took a course in intercultural communication, and it was without doubt the best course I have ever taken.

Linnéa Lindgren

I could easily apply the theories we learned about on my own experiences. We learned that culture is “just a layer” that you can look beyond – which has proven to be true. I once lived in a house in southern England with 14 people – from 9 different countries where culture differences were a part of our every day life. These people quickly became as a family for me, and ever since I have known that culture is quite irrelevant and for friendship and I am forever thankful for that experience. 

During my Erasmus time I did not get to know one single Swedish person but hung out a lot with a girl from Venezuela and the group from Azerbaijan. It amazes me how similar we are although we are from such different cultures and places. Deep down we are only humans and students after all. To share one type of culture makes you forget about the other culture differences, and this is what I find has been proven through the Erasmus Program and all other student exchange possibilities. 

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Erasmus Program (yes it’s born the same year as me!) and it has been stated that it is one of the most successful projects that the European Commission has invested in. Ever. So, for 25 years students have been able to study abroad as a part of their education and with that exchanged their lives, ideas, values and got friends from all over Europe – and the world. This is going to be celebrated in many different kinds of ways, both at SUS and internationally, so keep reading our newsletter to find out how! 

 As I already mentioned, I know I am going to continue working with promoting cultural exchange. I believe that you never learn as much as when you interact with different people outside your own context. And, I am pretty damn sure this is how we make peace. 

“A wall is only a tilted bridge” – Emil Jensen