My Experience on Learning Swedish at Stockholm University

Xinglong Du

Many international students wish to learn some Swedish after coming to Stockholm University. Some relevant information is provided in the orientation day. For those new beginners who wish to make a long-term study plan, my experience could be of help.

I started with a two-year master’s program in the Department of Education in August, 2010, at the meanwhile I took the part-time course, Swedish for International Students and Researchers. The courses consist of 5 levels and an oral special course (level 6). It would usually take 2 years to complete all the levels, but it could be shorter if one passed the placement test and skipped some levels. The descriptions of them can be found via the link below:

If you have a personnummer, you can also take Swedish courses in SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) and Komvux (Municipal Adult Education) outside the university. The levels are, from the lowest to the highest, SFI A, SFI B, SFI C, SFI D, SAS Grund, SAS A, SAS B, and SAS C. SAS means Swedish as Second Language (Svenska som Andra Språk). Most of the international students start from SFI C. If one wished to speed up its study there, it could discuss with its teachers. The Komvux is more like complementary secondary education for adults with Swedish and many other subjects. With the certificate of SAS B one will meet the basic admission requirement of language qualification of most courses and programs instructed in Swedish of Swedish colleges and universities.

After finishing my master’s study, I continued to take another full-time course, Swedish as Foreign Language in the Department of Scandinavian Languages starting from August, 2012. The course consists of two levels. It will usually take two terms of full-time study to finish both of the levels. One can get the equivalence of Svenska B from the course and be qualified in Swedish language when applying for Swedish colleges and universities. Since the course starts from level 2, it requires one takes the entrance test to prove that he or she has completed at least one-term full-time study of Swedish. The descriptions of the course can be seen on the website:

I wish everyone is enjoying itself at Stockholm University! Good luck!