Sweet serendipity - Metro art tour in blue line

Have you ever heard of referring to Stockholm's metro as ''the world's longest art exhibition''?

Jae In Park

It was a snap shot of T-Centralen and the phrase above which first captured my mind and attracted me to come to this city. And I had already known that there are free guided tours, with which I could travel along one of the metro lines accompanied by qualified guides. So when I first arrived in Stockholm, I searched for ways to participate in the tours. But I later learned that English guide service is available only in the summer, so I gave up with disappointment.

Still, you can try a self-guided tour. On the website of Stockholm’s transportation system (http://sl.se/en/Visitor/Art-guide), you can find valuable information including the history of metro art and a brief introduction of each exhibition in some stations.

However, if you are not the type to contemplate art – which describes me exactly- why don’t you try a more spontaneous way? It’s very simple. Just go out with your SL card and take the earliest subway train and your journey will start with the train’s departure. Now you can appreciate every metro art briefly; like passing a work of art in an art gallery. And if a piece captures your mind, just get off at the station to get a better look. Additionally, you can also go outside and travel around the station to discover some relevance between the art and the surrounding station. Who knows? You might discover a peaceful park or a very vibrant street or a fancy café. That’s how you will meet sweet serendipity.

I started this tour with the blue line stop by my home. And I was so satisfied with my first journey that I decided to continue it with other lines too. Basically, I took off at four stations (Akalla, Hallonbergen, Vreten, and Rissne) and explored the areas near Akalla and Vreten station. Among those stations, I recommend Hallonbergen, Vreten, and Rissne.

So why don’t you enjoy the privilege of living in Stockholm? Hope your journey may be as satisfying as mine was :-)