Finding your place in Stockholm

It’s SPRING and we’re in one of the MOST beautiful cities in the world. 

Michelle Plett

Now that the sun is shining, we can take a layer of clothing off and the colour is returning to our cheeks it’s about time to go out and explore this beautiful city.

A little about me first I’m Michelle and although I’m originally from Canada I have lived in London for the past few years. Now that I call Stockholm home I feel that finding “my space” in this city is extremely important. Having lived in a few different cities around the world finding “your spot” is the only way to keep the homesickness away and ensure that you are not constantly thinking about leaving or how much homework you need to do.

So here are a few tips to ensure that you get on your way to making Stockholm yours.

1)   Get lost: now that it is sunny take a morning or an afternoon and jump on the T-bana. Then get off at least 2 stops from where you would normally go and then walk. Many of us have smart phones or at least the ability to say, “I’m lost” so start exploring. Some of the best shops and cafes are hidden off main street Stockholm.

2)   Buy a guidebook: Before I moved to Stockholm I bought two books on the city. You know what? I never picked them up until someone came to visit and asked me about a place that I had never been. I know we’re not tourists but these books have some useful information and I bet you would be surprised by the places inside.

3)   Isolate yourself: A bit funny I know (I don't mean you should lock yourself in a room), but honestly, grab a book, a magazine, your journal, download Bean Hunter on your phone and sit in a café of your choosing. Taking some time out with a coffee, tea and yourself can make a place feel more like home than you know. Don’t have Bean Hunter or a smart phone? Try Melqvist or Tasman (in S:t Eriksplan), Foam near Stadion or Fabrique (Odenplan or Götgatan). Maybe you will even meet someone else sitting alone at a table nearby…

There are so many ways of making a city your own and these are just three suggestions. I hope that your time in Stockholm is amazing but more than that, unique. This city is full of hidden surprises waiting for you to call your own.