"Should I stay or should I go?"

After almost 2 years of what I would describe as a very interesting experience, my Swedish (master) student life comes to an end; hopefully a happy one. Don’t worry my blog won’t be about evaluation of my master program or its learning outcomes (though Swedes are crazy lovers of organization and careful planning in education). I am here to share my thoughts about what’s next, “should I stay or should I go” as the crazy 80’s hit by the Clash says!   

Thanasis Tektonidis

I know there are lots of other international students, free-movers, Erasmus or master people that are kind in the same strange position, whether to stay here and build a new life or go back home with plenty of  once-in-a-lifetime memories. That’s why I decided to write some lines; maybe some of you will help me or be helped; after all it is always about interaction! 

Ok, here are the facts: Sweden, the European country of development, prosperity, equality, human rights and better chances of finding a job, smooth working environment and green pretty eco landscape, the country of Abba, kanelbulle, Zlatan; to make it simple an exceptional choice (at least in theory) for someone to work, live and make a family. On top of that, put the nice people I have met here, the cool days and nights we spent together, the burst of multinational and multicultural experience I tasted. Ok, but if this is that straightforward, why do I still have doubts and maybes in my mind?

The answer is quite simple and matches what in Greece we call “nostalgia”. No matter how many wonderful moments I have lived here, how much my thinking, my philosophy and my horizons have been broadened and how better my future is likely to be in Sweden (considering objective criteria), the feeling of sentimentality for Greece, keeps me undecided for now. After living for 22 years in my home country, beautiful Greece with totally different philosophy, mentality, pace and rhythm (be careful I don’t say better or worse, just different), with different smells, colors and senses, where you have your strong bonds with family, friends and places, it is a big dilemma to choose, at least for me.

I am pretty sure that most of you nice people, close to the end of your student life, have quite much the same thoughts and questions. Do you want to go home or maybe make Sweden your new home? Whatever you choose, take it easy, trust your gut and instinct, play your game and enjoy it! After all, you never know what’s waiting you for you in the corner! Next stop: Future! 

Have a wonderful Easter time!


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