Faculty clubs

A faculty club is a student association consisting of students that study the same or similar diciplines. They arrange social activities, such as student pubs, seminars and career fairs.

We cooperate with three faculty clubs: Humanistiska föreningen, Naturvetenskapliga föreningen and Samhällsvetenskapliga föreningen

When you get a membership in the student union, you can also become a member of one of these three with no extra cost.

Student union associations 

The Student Union Clubs or Associations as we call them are open for all students and arrange different activities.

You can contact the Student Union Associations Coordinator at karforeningar@sus.su.se

For established associations

Here you can re-register your Student Union Association through our form and book rooms.

New Student Union Association

If you lack any Student Union Association, you can always register a new one. Do it through this button, follow the instructions and fill out the form.

Student Union Association regulations

Here you can download the latest version of kårföreningsreglementet. It is the policy document that determines what applies to get to be Student Union Association. Here is what the requirements are, how to do to register and who makes decisions. Need to check some detail, this is where you should look.

Service and terms for student associations

Here you can download the latest version of Service and terms of student associations. In this document you can read about the rights a student union association have in the form of support from the student body. Do you want to know exactly what applies to book rooms, find grants or anything else handy in your association, this is the rules that exist.