Right now on campus

Along with the clubs- and faculty associations, we try to organized various activities on and around the campus almost every day.

We organize a number of seminars that focus on your student rights, equal opportunities and how the university works. All students are welcome to attend these seminars, some of them aimed primarily at people who are involved in student council, student associations or networks.

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Student pubs

As you become a member of the Student Union, you can choose to join a Faculty Club, free of charge! We cooperate with Humanistiska föreningen (HumF), Naturvetenskapliga föreningen (NF) and Samhällsvetenskapliga föreningen (SF). Read more about the Faculty Clubs.

Student pubs on Campus every week

The Faculty Club organise social activities such as parties, game nights, seminars, and career days. Every week they have student pubs with free entrance for their members.


  • HumF-pub in Gula Villan from 6 pm.


  • NF-pub in Gréens villa (Gröna villan) from 5 pm.
  • SF-pub at Café Bojan starts 7 pm.

Please check the websites of each Faculty Club for uthe latest info. 

Become a member of Stockholm University Student Union and a Faculty Club