The Student Union Election

Results from the 2017 election

Seats in the Student Union Representative Assembly (parties are ranked by number of votes)

  1. S-studenter, 10 seats
  2. Allians för kåren, 8 seats
  3.  Vänsterns studentförbund, 8 seats
  4. Studentpartiet, 8 seats
  5. Fi studenter SU, 7 seats.

About the election

The Election is held in the spring every year. The student Union Election is important to you as a student, different parties are competing to get as many seats as possible in the Student Union Representative Assembly, the Student Union's highest decision making organ.

The Student Union Representative Assembly has 41 seats and decides, among other things, who will be President and Vice President of the Student Union.The result affects a variety of things, such as which educational policy issues will be prioritized, which student discounts that will be offered and what services the student union will offer you next year.

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Parties in the 2017 election: