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Lucia ball - 100 years Jubilee

The Lucia Ball is an old tradition at Stockholm University. It is your chance to dine, dance, and mingle with Nobel Laureates, SU alumni and the vice chancellor.

This year is the 100 year anniversary of the illustrious order of the ever smiling and jumping little green frog.

English is the ball's official language.



Here is the QUEUE LIST:

DATE: 13 December 2017
TIME: 17.44 (yes, 17.44 according to an old tradition)
PLACE: Restaurant Lantis (entrance through Aula Magna)
DRESS CODE: White tie / ball gown

  • 550 SEK for SUS members
  • 790 SEK for other guests

AFTER-PARTY: "Evening of Frogs"

  • 85 SEK for everyone

METHOD OF PAYMENT: bank giro 307-1719 or card at Student Union help desk

The Evening of the Frogs is a popular after-party at Greens villa (Gröna villan) that lasts till 5 o'clock in the morning. During the after-party there will be Christmas buffet provided for the guests. Drinks could be purchased separately at the bar.

Both the ball and the after-party are open to attend for students from other universities as well as non-students. Welcome!

Sign up and pay will close on 24 November 2017. We offer a limited amount of tickets, thus it is important that you sign up using this form and pay for the Lucia Ball and/or the Evening of the Frogs as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE! No payments after the 24 th of november will be accepted.

The specialedition Lucia Ball chocolate - handmade by Chokladkompaniet

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How do I pay?

There are two ways of payment: bank giro or card at Student Union help desk.

A. Check the opening hours of our help desk before visiting. You can fill in the form with your contact information and food preferences at the help desk after you have paid your ticket. This option is possible from the 23rd of October!

B. Another way is to buy the tickets via bank giro 307-1719.


  1. Do you have a Swedish bank account? If not, then ask your friends with Swedish bank account to help you pay for the tickets.
  2. Login in to your Swedish bank account.
  3. Go to "Betala/Överföra".
  4. Choose "Ny betalning".
  5. In "Mottagare" choose "Ny mottagare".
  6.  In "Bankgiro/Plusgiro" type 307-1719. 
  7. Press "Hämta mottagare". Your text will say "STOCKHOLMS UNIVERSITETS STUDENTKAR". 
  8. In "Belopp" write the sum you want to pay (see prices above).
  9. In "OCR/Meddelande" write
    • "L -YYMMDD-0000" if you only want to go to the ball + your social security number (personnummer);
    • "L E-YYMMDD-0000" if you plan to attend both the ball and the after-party + your social security number (personnummer);
    • "E-YYMMDD-0000" if you only want to go to the after-party + your social security number (personnummer).
      • Example:
      • Only the Lucia Ball: L-901025-5555 you pay 790 SEK if you are not a SUS member
      • Both the ball and the after-party: LE-901025-5555 you pay 875 SEK (790+85) if you are not a SUS member
      • Only the Evening of the Frogs: E-901025-5555 you pay 85 SEK
  10. Proceed to the payment, finish the transfer.
  11. Fill in this form with information about you, your sitting and food preferences.

Is it possible to pay if I do not have Swedish bank account?

Yes, pay at Student Union help desk from the 23rd of October!