Student Housing Queue

The opportunity of placing yourself in the housing queue and recieving an apartement through Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder is an exclusive benefit for full members of the Student Union. 

You can place yourself in the housing queue and start collecting days up to 90 days before you become a member of the Student Union. However after 90 days you must be a full member in order to continue collecting days and evetually getting a flat. 

Stockholms studentbostäder has over 8 000 student apartements all over Stockholm and sign contracts with almost 4 000 new tennants each year. Map - housing areas. 

Do not loose queuing days - give us correct information

As soon as you have payed your Student Union membership and we have recieved confirmation of your registration at the University we will verify you towards SSSB's system. In order for the verification to function correctly it is important that you register the same email address with us as you have at SSSB.

Housing tips

In the meantime, as you are waiting for a housing contract, you might want to check outAkademisk kvart for private housing ads for students.