Getting a buddy is probably the smartest thing you can do this semester. You make new friends, you get someone to help you with your questions and concerns, and it’s a great way to get an inside glimpse into Swedish culture. It is also a great opportunity to practice your language skills. 

If you are a member, or will become one, of the Stockholm University Student Union or the Law Students' Association, you can apply for the Buddy Program Spring 2018. This program is open to students from all faculties.

When you have applied to the program you will be matched up in a buddy group with 8-12 students. Each group will contain 2-4 Local/Swedish buddies and 6-8 international students. The International Student Coordinators will try to match you up with other students based on language preference, hobbies etc.

When you have been assigned a buddy group, you will have already planned events to join, or you and your group can decide what you want to do together and how often you want to meet. It is important that you show your initiative in getting to know your buddy-team members during the activities you have together. At the beginning of each semester, we organize one common buddy program mingle for all the newly formed buddy groups.

Due to the high number of international applicants and the aim of providing the best buddy group experience and quality to international students during this program, we are not always able to assign a buddy group to every international student. Thus, every student enrolled in the buddy program will be contacted latest a week after the application deadline. However, in case you did not get a buddy group by that time, you are still on our waiting list and might be enrolled if somebody drops out.

If you have any further questions, please email us at international.2@sus.su.se 

The application deadline for the spring semester 2018 is Sunday 21st of January