For only 120 SEK per term you can become a member of the Student Union and a Faculty Club. As a student at Stockholm University you also get access to Campuskortet.

The spring semester is now over. Starting July 1st you can purchase a membership for the fall semester. Please observe that you will not get your membership card or app until we have received your fall class registration from the university.

When following the link above "Join Us" – please press the British flag in the upper right corner for an English version

To read the terms and conditions of membership and more about the campuscard scroll down or use the links to your left.




How to get your Campuskort as a digital card and/or as a plastic card

Both the plastic card and the app are valid as a student ID and a certificate for our benefits.

  1. Pay your membership fee. After we have received your payment we check the database for the confirmation from Stockholm University of your course registration. If it is confirmed we proceed to the next step.
  2. You will receive an activation e-mail from our card-producer Studentkortet at the e-mail address we have registered in our membership system. Follow the steps described in the activation e-mail.
  3. In the e-mail you will find a link to activate the digital Campuskort in your smartphone (the app is called Studentkortet). You can download Studentkortet app in Google Play or in App Store. If you have the app already you just need to re-login to the app, and your Campuskort will be updated.
  4. Once you are logged in at you also have the opportunity to order Campuskortet as a plastic card. Go to "Min profil" (My profile) in the top menu. At the bottom of the page you can order the plastic card by clicking “Beställ plastkort”.

How long does it take to get the plastic Campuskort?

You normally get your plastic Campuskort within 1-3 weeks after completing the activation and ordering the plastic card.

Once you have made our payment, it usually takes up to three days before it is registered, but in some cases it can take up to five days. If you pay by credit card in our online self-service or at the Student Union Service Desk it goes faster than if you pay through your (Swedish) bank. The time it takes for the bank payment to be proceeded depends on which bank you have and if you made our payment during a banking day or a weekend.

If you have waited longer than three weeks for your plastic Campuskort, you should:

  1. Check in our online self-service that the registered postal address is correct.
  2. Send an e-mail to us at (do not forget to writre your P/T number) and we will check if we have received your course registation from the university or not. You are always welcome to visit our service desk in Studenthuset.

Only students at Stockholm University are entitled to Campuskortet

It is important that you are registered at Stockholm University in order for us to grant you full membership. As a full member you get access to our discounts and student ID card called Campuskortet.

You can log in and see your registrations at the university through My University.

Membership that cannot be verified through registration at Stockholm University is automatically converted into a Supporting Membership


  • By paying the membership fee for the term or by going to the website and applying for membership the individual concerned becomes a member of the Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) 802003-6425. Only those studying within the area of operations of SUS at Stockholm University (in accordance with Student Union Ordinance SFS 2009:769; Section 4) are eligible for full membership.
  • Every individual who applies for membership is accorded supporting membership status until it can be verified that the individual is registered within the area of operations of SUS at Stockholm University. When this has been verified the membership converts to full membership status.
  • Before paying the SUS membership invoice please check that all of the preprinted information on the invoice slip is correct. If any information is not correct please contact SUS directly or use the SUS self-service internet function to correct the relevant information.
  • When paying by Bankgiro or online banking services always quote the OCR number on the invoice.
  • • SUS membership becomes valid once payment has been received by SUS. The SUS Campus Card (Campuskortet), which functions as student ID and as proof of full membership status, will be available as an app for your mobile phone and possible to order in a plastic version once payment has been received.
  • Membership fees cannot be refunded.
  • By applying for membership the individual concerned agrees to information about them being processed and stored by SUS. 
  • Once an application for membership has been received SUS retains the right to make use membership information within the scope of the union's constitutional activities, provision of services, administration, invoicing, customer service, analysis, development, information, marketing, to fulfil legal or contractual obligations and to comply with government decrees.
  • By applying for membership the individual concerned agrees to information about them being communicated to relevant collaborative partners and government agencies.
  • Members have the right to notify SUS that the individual concerned does not wish to receive communications from collaborative partners. Please notify SUS of this in writing.
  • When a member has completed his or her studies at Stockholm University there is no need to inform SUS of this. Following completion of his or her studies a member may elect to become a supporting member of SUS, which means that the individual concerned continues to support SUS operations despite no longer being a student.
  • A paid membership fee with the student union and/or faculty organization can be changed once to another student union or faculty club membership than the one purchased within seven calendar days of the original purchase. If the student would like additional memberships in other organization(s) after such time has passed or after one change has been made, the student must pay an additional membership fee.
  • By paying the membership fee I also approve that the information I have provided will be transferred to Studentkortet i Sverige AB, for the purpose of producing my student card (Studentkortet) and to receive information about student related discounts and benefits. In the case that I have applied for a membership in the student union (SUS) and/or faculty organizations (Humanistiska föreningen, Naturvetenskapliga Föreningen and/or Samhällsvetenskapliga föreningen) I hereby approve that the information I have provided will be shared with the appropriate organizations for the purpose of receiving membership information.