Nomination lists for the Student Union Election

Here are the nomination lists for the parties that will take part in the 2018 Student Union Election:

Allians för Kåren

1. Olga Anikina
2. Sissela Nordblom
3. Jasmin Jaziri Nouri
4. Tobias Dahlberg
5. Hugo Thorén
6. Lovisa Kronsporre
7. Amanda Bengtsson Jallow
8. Erik Centerlind
9. Erik Pitkäniemi
10. Astrid Wassén
11. Erik Holmberg
12. Anneli Castillo
13. Angela Katumba
14. Douglas Ahlberg
15. Indra Rehbinder
16. Lovisa Landryd
17. Victor Fernandez
18. Hugo Laigar
19. Johannes Sjölund
20. Marcus Granlund
21. Emelie Johansson
22. Albin Ström


1. Ella Tegsten
2. Anton Jägare
3. Anna Olsson
4. Axel Hjelm
5. Lotten Hammar
6. Alma Carlsson
7. Nils Bergmark
8. Noor Karim
9. Nathalia Grbic
10. Martina Cederlind


The Student Party/ Studentpartiet

1. Anton B. Hjelm
2. Matilda Kjellqvist Videla
3. Sara Gustafsson
4. Anna Börjesson
5. Adam Snygg
6. Stefanie Tagesson
7. Karl Pettersson
8. Tobias Ahlström
9. Anton Öberg Sysojev
10. Magnus Pierrau
11. Oskar Sundell
12. Mathias Olsson
13. Axel Arntsen
14. Nina Knobloch
15. Sara Emnegard
16. Noomi Lodenius
17. Gustav Stönner
18. Giancarlo Ita Gomero
19. Isabelle Führ
20. Martina Smith
21. Ann-Christine Troberg
22. Erik Haversten

Vänsterns studentförbund

1. Karolina Muren
2. Carl Thernell
3. Saga Åkerman
4. Marcus Löfgren
5. Nora Forsmark
6. Anton Norden
7. Caroline Arvidsson
8. August Flensberg
9. Felicia Frennesson
10. Olof Persson
11. Sofia Iaffa
12. Oscar Westerlund
13. Anna Bergman
14. Marcus Obligado
15. Vesna Bursac
16. Julia Lindblom
17. Clara Strandros Berdén
18. Sebastian Björck
19. Malin Claesson
20. Samuel Seherman
21. Mahmoud Abdalla

Incorrect info about SL Discount

On October 27th we sent out information in our channels that SL would no longer accept the plastic card to get the SL student travel discount. This information, which we received from our card carrier Studentkortet, was incorrect and we apologize for sending out incorrect information to our members.

You will be able to continue using the plastic card to get your student travel discount if the card has the SL-logo on it.

We refer further questions  to Studentkortet. 

"My Studies" will be shut down from October 26 until November 5

The page (My studies) will be shut down from the 26th of October, 5 pm, until the 5th of November. It means that you won’t be able to register for courses, sign up for examinations, apply for degree or study certificates in My Studies during this period. This will affect both administrative staff and students.

The reason behind the shutdown is that Stockholm University will implement a new IT-system, Ladok 3. Other systems, such as Mondo and Time Edit, will also be affected by the implementation of the new system.

Read more about how this will affect you

Student Unionen and Front Desk Easter Hours

During the Easter holiday the Student Union and our Front Desk have limited opening hours. We are available as normal April 10-12 and the Front Desk has their normal opening hours between 10-16 during those days. 

On the following days the Student Union and Front Desk are closed:

Maundy Thursday (april 13)
Good Friday (april 14)
Whit Monday (april 17)

Any emails or other issues sent to us during this time will be looked into once we return after the holiday.

Happy Easter!

Become a student union member spring 2017

For only 120 SEK per term you can become a member of the Student Union and a Faculty Club.  As a student at Stockholm University you also get access to Campuskortet, a student ID.

You pay your membership fee by credit or debit card when logging in to our self service site (for English, please click in the footer on the site). You can also become a member in the Student Union Service Desk in Studenthuset (one floor below the Info Desk

More information about the membership

Opening hours during Christmas and the New Year

The Student Union Front Desk remains open until December 19 at 4 PM. It opens again on January 9, 2017 at 10 AM. Any messages sent to the Front Desk during this period will be answered after we return from the holiday break. Our online self-service will also be closed during this time.

The Student Union as a whole will be closed for the holidays between December 23 and January 9. If you contact us during this time it may take a while before the person in question gets back you. 

The Student Union would like to say thank you for this semester and wish you happy holidays! We hope to see you all again in the new year!

Activation emails are working again

Activation emails were delayed last week due to technical issues with our card carrier, Studentkortet. These issues have now been resolved and new members should be receiving their activation emails as normal. If you have not received yours within 24 hours of payment (be advised if you pay us via bank transfer it may take up to 5 work days before we see your payment) please check first if:

- It has ended up in the trash folder or,
- If you have a gmail account that it's not in the campaign folder

Otherwise please contact us and we will be happy to help!

We are back - the service desk is open

 The staff is getting ready for the arrival of all students.

The staff is getting ready for the arrival of all students.

Today, the 17th of August, our Service Desk opens again. You will find our opening hours here. and you can become a member in the Student Union.

Our international student coordinators, Lilian, Monica and Ilaria have already been working full on a few weeks, to prepare the arrival of all international students and our events during Oriantation Week.

And this past Monday they were joind by all new staff att the Student Union, who will spend the next year working for the student body to make our University even greater.