Our Student Ombudsmen

The Student Ombudsmen are at your disposal in times of trouble, assisting you with an array of study related issues, e.g. dealing with being charged with cheating.

Contact us at studentombud@sus.su.se if you have any questions concerning student rights.

As Student Ombudsmen, our mission is to help, support and assist students who feel they have been treated wrongly or unjustly by the University, staff of the University or by other students. The case presented may include an individual student or a group of students.

In case of a problem less complicated, the student councils at each department can reach a solution by initiating a dialogue with the department. However, when a student council feels that a case becomes too complicated, time consuming or merely demanding knowledge they do not possess, they are welcome to contact the Student Ombudsmen for assistance.

By working closely to and cooperating with the Student Rights Officers, the Student Ombudsmen are informed about current issues at each specific faculty.

The Student Ombudsmen are at your side

The problems that students contact the Student Ombudsmen about are varied, as it is hard to in detail explain what kind of cases we are able to help you with. Basically, we offer support in any study related problems that you face during your time at the University

Contact us: 


 Frida Holmdahl  Student Ombudsman

Frida Holmdahl
Student Ombudsman

 Anna Svanström  Student Ombudsman   

Anna Svanström
Student Ombudsman

For example, we help students when their department does not follow the criteria in the syllabus for a specific course, when their examination is not graded in time, or when there are problems in information or communication between students and their department. We also support students who get accused of cheating and therefore are summoned to a meeting with the Disciplinary Board.

Depending on the case, the Student Ombudsmen can notably facilitate your contact with the parties involved. We can, to mention a few, mediate to seek the proper settlement between you and the University, write correspondence or make formal charges. The Student Ombudsman will participate in meetings with your department and will continue to support you throughout the process.

Our aim is to make sure that you are pleased with any settlements made while always looking to your interests. Due to the fact that your case may be of a sensitive or private nature, we can ensure you that it will be handled discreetly and in accordance with established rules of confidentiality.

No matter the importance of resolving a specific and important issue and thereby safeguarding the rights of students, the Student Ombudsmen can never act or take measures of mere principle. Our work is always dependent on the issues presented to us by individual students.

Seminars and lectures on Student rights

The Student Ombudsmen also give seminars and lectures on Student Rights, open to all students who are attending Stockholm University. Look out for upcoming seminars under Activities.

The Personal Data Act

The Student Ombudsmen are working in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The personal data we work with are either those you voluntarily give us or those acquired from the University while working on your case. Personal data is used only to the extent needed to conduct your affairs. The Student Ombudsmen are working on a confidential basis and data will not be disclosed unless consent exists.

Students always have the right to request record to verify the data on file and the Student Ombudsmen are obliged to correct information that is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading.