FAQ Membership

Here you can find answeres to the most frequently asked questions about membership.

The purpose of the Student Union

What does the Student Union do?

Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) is a membership organization that represents all 70 000 students at Stockholm University. 

We have a government mandate through the Högskolelagen (Higher Education Act), to monitor and participate in the development of the educational programs and conditions for studying at our university. Examples of such conditions are students' finances and housing situation. We operate matters concerning the university, municipality and county. The Student Union is represented in the university's various bodies and committees. We are actively working for the student perspective to be included wherever it affects your everyday life. Read more about us.

We also offer community alongside your studies, such as activities and the opportunity to engage in clubs and councils.

Our support services keep track of your student rights and offer assistance in case you experience any problems with your enrolment, exams or registration. These services are open to all students at Stockholm University, even if you are not a member of the Student Union.

Why should I become a member of the Student Union?

It quickly pays off to become a member. This is due to our student services and benefits you acquire when becoming a member. In addition, you also help supporting an active student participation and a vibrant campus.

As a full member (registered student at Stockholm University) in Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) you get Campuskortet (the Campus Card) wich functions as a student ID, a membership card and a discount card.

Much of our activities and services, such as our support services are open to all students at Stockholm University - even to non-members. But as a member of SUS, you get a range of exclusive benefits.

What is the Student Union offering?

Our goal is to give students at Stockholm University support, community and benefits:


  • Our Student Governance Officers train and support student councils. Their work is to influence your department and make sure that your education is of the highest possible quality.
  • Our student representatives, the Student Ombudmen, will help you if you get into any conflict with the university or if you feel mistreated in a study related situation. The Student Ombudsmen are also supporting students who have been accused of cheating or plagiarism. We keep track of your rights and make sure that they are respected.
  • We also offer special support to PhD students.


  • Join one of our almost 40 student associations ran by the students for the students. The associations focus on different areas of interest ranging from sports and theater to politics and personal development.
  • We have coordinators who are working to influence the university on central issues. It involves for example study environment and equal opportunities. Students can be involved through our network.
  • Our International Student Coordinators organize various programes where you can, among other things, get a Swedish buddy, practice languages or participate in activities in a multicultural environment. You may also be involved in organizing acitivites yourself through our International Student Ambassador Program.
  • Along with student associations and student clubs, we make sure to organize various activities on and around campus every day. Keep an eye on the SUS’calendar and bulletin boards around campus.


  • With your Campuskort you always get the best prices at Högskolerestauranger's cafeterias. They serve only organic and Fair Trade coffee.
  • Membership discount on literature in the bookstore Campusbutiken in Allhuset, located at Frescati campus. Here you can buy and sell used books. Visit campusbutiken.se for more information.
  • Train with discount at Frescatihallen. Here you can find a gym, fitness classes and courses in various sports. Members get to buy cheap punch-ticket to play badminton.
  • As a member you have the opportunity to get your own student apartment through the foundation SSSB. You need to be a registered student at Stockholm University.
  • Discounted fare on SL and SJ if you study at least 22.5 credits per semester.
  • Through Studentkortet.se you get discounts in hundreds of shops selling everything from electronics to fashion.
  • And much, much more! See all of our benefits.

Join us!

What does student influence mean in reality?

Student influence is about your right to affect your study situation. This can involve everything from having microwave ovens in your lunch room to the curriculum or student housing. SUS is there when you need it.

SUS debates and highlights issues affecting students today and for years to come. We represent you in society, in politics and in academia through student participation.

What is student participation?

At Stockholm University, we are working with so-called student participation. This means that students are constructively involved in the design of their education - and thus contribute to improving the quality of their education.

What is a Student Governance Officer?

The Student Union has Student Governance Officers responsible for each faculty at the university. Therefore, you always have someone to turn to, who knows your education and rules that apply there. Your Student Governance Officer can be helpful when you experience problems at the department or at the course, feel unfairly treated or have questions concerning your studies. The Student Governance Officers support and educate the student councils .

About the membership in the Student Union and/or a Faculty Club

How do I become a member?

Go to the Membership page and read more/pay your membership.

What does it cost to become a member?

Membership in the Student Union costs 120 SEK per semester where membership in a Faculty Club (optional) is included. The Faculty Clubs that we cooperate with are: Humanistiska Föreningen(HumF), Naturvetenskapliga föreningen (NF), and Samhällsvetenskapliga Föreningen (SF).

Can anyone become a member of the Student Union? 

Yes and no. You must be a registered student at Stockholm University (minimum of 1 credit per semester) and belong to our catchment (Students at DSV and Socialhögskolan - the School of Social Work - have their own student unions) to get full membership with Campuskortet (the Campus Card) and its benefits.

Anyone can become a supporting member and thus contribute to the important work of the Student Union. Become a supporting member!

  • Important note! Membership that cannot be verified through registration at Stockholm University is automatically converted into a supporting membership, The supporting membership does not give you access to Campuskortet.

What is a Supporting Membership?

If you are not a student at Stockholm University (for example, if you are studying at another university) you can also support the Student Union's work by becoming a supporting member. Maybe you were once active in the Student Union? Or are you passionate about student influence? Or you simply want to contribute to a good cause and support active student governance at Stockholm University?

Membership that cannot be verified through registration at Stockholm University is automatically converted into a Supporting Membership. You can log in and see your registrations at the university through My University.

As a supporting member you do not get Campuskortet. This means that we unfortunately cannot offer you our membership benefits, but we warmly thank you for your support!

Is membership in the Student Union obligatory?

No. From fall semester 2010, you can choose whether you want to be a member of your local student union and take advantage of the student discounts, associations and student services, or not.

Keep in mind that if you choose to only join a Faculty Club and not the Stockholm University Student Union itself, you do not have access to Campuskortet (the Campus Card) and all its benefits.

Why should I become a member of both the Student Union and a Faculty Club?

If you choose to, free of charge, to become a member in both the Stockholm University Student Union and in one of the Faculty Clubs that we cooperate with, you can get access to all areas of student life: you can get your student ID, discounts and benefits from us, and access to student pubs and other social activities through your Faculty Club.

Your Campuskort (Campus Card) will then also have your Faculty Club logo as proof of dual membership. This will be your membership card in both the Student Union and in your Faculty Club.

Only full members (registered students at Stockholm University) have access to Campuskortet.  If you are not a full member, you can still get a Faculty Club Card that you would need to collect at the Student Union Service Desk in Studenthuset.

What do I miss if I choose to only become a member of the Student Union?

If you choose to only become a member of the Student Union and not a Faculty Club your Campuskort (Campus Card) will not have any Faculty Club logo. This means that you cannot access the student pubs, career fairs or other social activities that the Faculty Clubs organize.

If you want to add membership of a Faculty Club at a later occasion it would cost you 120 SEK.

Why should I become a member of a Faculty Club?

As a member of a Faculty Club you get access to the student pubs, career days and other social activities that your Faculty Club organizes. Each Faculty Club owns a building on campus. You find HumF in Gula Villan, NF in Gröna Villan (Gréens Villa), and SF at Café Bojan. Keep yourself updated about pubs and other events in our calendar.

What do I miss if I choose to only become a member of a Faculty Club?

If you select the membership of only a Faculty Club and not of the Stockholm University Student Union, you may not access Campuskortet or our offer at Högskolerestauranger for cheaper coffee. However, you can get a simple Faculty Club Card that you can show when visiting the Faculty Club´s student pub. 

The Faculty Club Card can be collected at the Student Union Service Desk in Studenthuset..

Keep in mind that the Faculty Club Card is not a student ID and therefore does not give you access to the student discounts.

If you want to add a membership of Stockholm University Student Union at a later occasion it would cost you 120 SEK.

Can I change/add to a Faculty Club membership?

The Faculty Club will be pre-selected for you if you are studying at one of the faculties which is linked to the Faculty Clubs we cooperate with. Note that there is no requirement that you study in a specific faculty to be a member of the Faculty Club. In our self-service you can manualy switch the Faculty Club before you pay. Even if you do not have a Faculty Club pre-selected you can choose to be a member of one in order to take part in their social activities. 

If you want to join several Faculty Clubs it costs 120 SEK extra per association.

If you want to change your membership after having paid you must contact us within 7 calendar days to request the change. Only one change is permitted.

If more than 7 days has passed you cannot switch the Faculty Club. If you change your mind and want to switch or add membership of your Faculty Club after that, you must purchase a new membership in our self-service to the price of 120 SEK.

Can I go to the student pubs, even though I have not yet received my Campuskort?

Yes, in the beginning of the term we will send lists of the new members to the separate  Faculty Clubs on a daily basis. All you have to do is to show your valid ID at the door so that the Faculty Club can match you against its membership register.

I’m a PhD student, can I join the Student Union?

Yes, you may join the student union. Since you are a PhD student you can send us a PDF of your proof of employment. You can also send us a certificate from your supervisor. If you send us a certificate it is important that it states whether your employment is full-time or part-time as well as the duration of your PhD studies. In order the get SL’s public transportation discount you must be employed on at least 75% as a PhD student.

Administration: payment, activation and the membership card/Campuskortet

How do I get a Swedish personal number?

To be issued a Swedish personal number you must contact Skatteverket (taxation bureau) possibly also Migrationsverket (immigrations office) and apply yourself.

What is a P/T number and why do I need it?

Students without a Swedish personal number need to have a temporary P/T number in order to be administered by the Student Union, the university as well as the SSSB housing queue. In order to receive a P/T number you should contact the university or the Student Service Desk at Studenthuset, Universitetsvägen 2A, 114 18 Stockholm.

What should I do if I don't have a Swedish ADDRESS?

If you do not yet have a Swedish address, we urge you to use the address to our service desk when creating or updating your membership profile:
c/o Stockholms universitets studentkår
Universitetsvägen 2A
114 18 Stockholm

Should I pay with a debit/credit card in the self-service or through a bank transfer?

We send invoices to all students with a Swedish adress before the term starts. But the quickest and easiest way to become a member, is to pay the membership fee by debit or credit card through our online self-service. 

Should I choose “Inloggning” or “Registrera ny medlem” of the online self-service?

Both new students and our previous members have login information (username and password) sent home with an invoice. Even if you are a new student and never have been a member before you should choose “Inloggning” in our self-service to pay your membership. The self-service is available through our Membership page.

We assure you that your personal data is handled professionally and accurately. Therefore, your information is secured with a login.

Note: if you are accepted late and have not received an invoice sent by mail or by e-mail, select ”Registrera ny medlem” in our online self-service.

I have lost my login details, what do I do?

Click on “Glömt lösenord?” in our self-service and enter the email address you registered with us before. You will then receive an automatic email with your login information.

If you still have problems with your login, you can get in touch with our Service Desk at kx@sus.su.se or by telephone + 46 (0)8-15 41 00

Why have not I received my Campuskort (student ID)?

We send an order to our card producer after you have paid the membership fee. You will receive an activation email shortly thereafter. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your digital Campuskort. You must activate your card, otherwise it will pause your order.

To order Campuskortet as a plastic card you need to login into Studentkortet.se, Once you are logged in at Studentkortet.se, go to "Min profil" (My profile) in the top menu. At the bottom of the page you can order the plastic card by clicking “Beställ plastkort”. While we do not have a guaranteed time of delivery the plastic cards normally arrive within 1-3 weeks. If you have not recieved a card 3 weeks after you ordered it please contact the Front Desk and we will look into it.

Both the plastic card and the app is valid as a student ID.

Learn more about how to activate and order Campuskortet and what you should do if your Campuskort in plastic is delayed.